Rental of industrial halls and offices, production and storage areas


Sofimat Logistic Park gather a complex of industrial capacities, offices and administrative capacities, warehouses, areas for outdoor storage and parking place. These facilities are endowed with all utilities, that permit the performing of any industrial and logistic activity, or services.

Industrial halls, production and storage capacities

Sofimat Logistic Park includes 18 modern industrial halls, with a total area of about 35 200 sqm.   
The industrial halls are built of thermo-insulating panels, fixed on a lattice structure, resting on reinforced concrete pillars.

The halls have dimensions:  96 m X 18 m X 7.5 m and 100m X 22m X 12m.

The existent industrial halls can be rented integrally or partially, meaning they can be segmented in smaller areas, by request.

The area that can be rented is between 500 sqm and 7200 sqm.

All industrial halls include capacities installed as offices, dining rooms, locker rooms and sanitary installations. Furthermore, in the immediate proximity of the hall, on the concrete platform, there are marked areas for storage and parking.

All halls have highly finished concrete with quartz pavements, 20 cm thick. These are heavy-duty pavements and very resistant to intense traffic.

The access to the halls is ensured through traffic doors, as well as through industrial sectional gates, of 5 m x 4,2 m. This fact permits the circulation of transportation- and unloading-vehicles inside the capacities and also facilitating the introducing of equipments or production lines.

Every hall disposes of direct access to utilities: electrical energy, gas, water, canalization and communications, equipment and hydrants for fire extinguishing. The monitoring and invoicing of the consumption is made individually.

Every hall disposes of artificial illuminating systems, as well as of great roof windows for the intake of natural light, in order to reduce the costs for illuminating.

The heating of the halls is made by warm air generators, connected at the central piping system for spreading the heat in the premises, or by equipments with radiant tubes.

For ensuring the logistic of materials, the park is equipped with modern machines for loading and unloading: elevating trucks Linde for 3,5 tons and 8 tons and gantry cranes with power between 3,5 tons and 10 tons.

Office spaces

In addition to the offices installed in every industrial hall, Sofimat Logistic Park offers its clients offices, conference-rooms, rooms for festivities, trainings etc. in 3 very modern administrative buildings.

The total area for offices in these buildings is about 2700 sqm.

The capacities for offices in the administrative buildings of Sofimat Logistic Park represent the adequate choice as the headquarters for companies, for branch subsidiaries or other administrative offices, that cannot be installed in the production halls.

From the offices in the administrative buildings, any other place of the park can be easily reached.

The offices can be structured, rearranged or redecorated by request.

We also ensure the corresponding parking places, permanent guard and entrance-control, as well as video-surveillance.