The advantages of a business in Sofimat - Logistic Park


The location of Sofimat - Logistic Park, as well as the offered business support-package: the infrastructure, logistics, utilities and services provided by the administration and consulting team, confer value to all businesses that are developed here and ensure undisputed logistic advantages.

Advantages due to the location

On European level, Sofimat - Logistic Park is situated in the eastern part of the continent, at the eastern border of the European Union and is addressed to multi-national companies that aim to extend their business in this region.

On national level, Sofimat - Logistic Park is located in the center of Romania, at 161 km from the capital Bucharest, 380 km from the seaport Constanta, 300 km from the border with Moldova Republic und Ukraine.

From local point of view, Sofimat - Logistic Park is located in the northern part of the city Brasov, the exit towards Sanpetru, 2.5 km from the city bypass road.

Advantages due to the logistic infrastructure

Sofimat - Logistic Park is located at 3.5 km from the civic center of Brasov (30 minutes of walking, 5 minutes by car). In the civic center are the main offices of the state authorities, of the important banks and the main hotels, restaurants and guesthouses.

Sofimat - Logistic Park is situated at 2.5 km from the city bypass road. The access towards the two directions can be made on the 13 Decembrie Boulevard, a street with 4 lanes. This fact eliminates delays due to traffic jams.

The loading ramp for rail traffic CFR is in a distance of 3.5 km from the location in 13 Decembrie 94-96 and 5 km from Ghimbav DE301-305.

The taxi- and bus-stops are located near the main entrance, so they facilitate reduced costs for the transportation of the staff employed at the companies lodged by Sofimat Logistic Park.

Doing business in Sofimat - Logistic Park means also you’ll have direct access to the future International Airport Brasov – Ghimbav, at a distance of only 2 km.

Advantages due to utilities and endowments existing in Sofimat - Logistic Park

Sofimat - Logistic Park disposes of its own transformers for the electric power supply.

The gas supply is made directly from the national provider, GDF Suez Energy Romania.

Sofimat - Logistic Park has its own water supply network, for industrial and house water as well as sewer system, connected to the main local supplier.

The location and the existent infrastructure offer direct access to telecommunication and

Internet-network from the main provider of such services. There is good signal in the park for the mobile phone network from Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote, RDS, as well as terminals of optic fiber (FO) of these providers for Internet and VoIP communications.

All interior distribution networks are properly dimensioned, according to effective technical standards and have all necessary authorizations.

The administration and consulting team of Sofimat - Logistic Park

The Sofimat - Logistic Park puts at your disposal an administration and consulting team.

The team is very dedicated, advises and supports you in order to facilitate your adaptation and integration and the easy course of your business in the Sofimat - Logistic Park.

For all these, please don’t hesitate to ask for our support!