Utilities and services provided in the Sofimat Logistic Park


In order to have full access to all utilities and services provided by Sofimat Logistic Park there are no authorizations or notifications needed, excepting special situations.

The clients of Sofimat Logistic Park benefit of all utilities and services that exist in Sofimat and are required for performing their specific activities:

Electric power (220/380V): every hall disposes of an installed capacity of 10 kVA, with possibility of extending it up to 3 MW, by request, depending on each client.

Methane gas: two gas connections with a flow rate of 160 m3/h (with possibility of extension by request), connected to the distribution network of Distrigaz Sud.

Sewerage: existing sewer network for house and rain water. Connections for house and industrial water.

Communications / internet: we provide complete services by the existing IT&C networks.


The centralized service-pack contains:

- Controlled access in the interior of the logistic park

- Permanent security with professional guard-service, with external video surveillance

- Night-time illumination of all exterior areas

- Parking places, with reservation for clients by request

- Large interior courtyard (about 9000 sqm) with concrete platform, that permits the access and parking of TIR vehicles in best conditions

- Each hall has access doors as well as industrial sectional gates of great dimensions for TIR vehicles and for facilitating the introducing of equipments or production lines.

- Modern machines for up- and unloading: elevating trucks Linde between 3,5 tons and 8 tons and gantry cranes with power between 3,5 tons and 10 tons.

- Office spaces inside every hall, that can be arranged and adapted according to each client’s activity. Additional areas for offices in a modern administrative building, with all utilities.

Sofimat Logistic Park has as a permanent target the reviewing and adjustment at the client’s needs for the purpose of a medium and long term partnership. The range of services as well as the utilities in the park have been adapted and upgraded constantly, according to our partner’s demands.